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“Bluejay has done what they promised us till date, very reliable leadership, service with a personal approach makes the experience very special."

Mr. Sridhar

“Reliable and Trustworthy company who are doing what they promised, with good appreciation, our investment has given more than what we expected.”

Mr. Venkatesh M

“Bluejay has delivered on all the promises that have been told to us during the initial discussions, our family is extremely happy with having bought a plot with Bluejay, the involvement of management is very much there during the required time.”

Sr Manager IT MNC

“our experience with Bluejay has been very smooth and professional, the team has been very helpful and supportive for all our requirements, I would recommend them to one and all.”


“Bluejay Ardley is an upcoming location which has high potential for appreciation, along with good service, it was an easy decision to make.”

Mr. Anand Gowda

“Right choice is what we made by buying a plot with Bluejay as our investment has appreciated well”

IT Sector

“Bluejay experience was very impressive as they provide with all the necessary support and excellent customer service to us, especially during the registration process.”

Dr.Girish Gowda

“Our purchase has been more than value for money given the appreciation of our plot, I would recommend to buy immediately and not waste time.”

Mr. Dinesh
Sr Analyst Capgemini

“We bought our plot last year and i am extremely satisfied with the support and service provided by Bluejay Enterprise, it has been professional and are as per their promise.”

T Ramesh

“I have invested on behalf of my son and am sure this investment os the right one.”

Mr. Sathish
Territory Sales Manager

“Sales team and the MD are very committed in giving good customer service to ensure the customer is satisfied in all aspects”

Mr. Thimmaiah
Officier UPSC Karnataka

“Investments in Bluejay Ardley has significantly appreciated in a short span and we are very happy about buying from Bluejay.”

General Manager - Orion Logistics Pvt Ltd


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